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    Kayla Saunders

    Kayla @ Periodt: Menstrual Supply Hub

    Gave 30.00 hours between 09/01/2021 and 10/20/2021 with Engage Lincoln Lions

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    Volunteer with SVP&E

    Having the opportunity to work in this organization was very moving. Meeting wonderful people, positive advocates, and having the opportunity to inform others about Sexual Violence and Prevention was such a great experience. The events were super fun and I enjoyed volunteering in the women’s center as wells I definitely will be continuing to volunteer here in the future.

    Gave 40.00 hours between 09/14/2020 and 11/05/2020 with Engage Lincoln Lions
    Kayla Saunders

    Kayla @ New Works Learning Center

    Having the opportunity to volunteer in such a heart-warming environment was such a great experience. I had the chance to make connections with a loving staff, building relationships with children and their families, and having the ability to be a role model to children younger than myself.

    Gave 3220.00 hours between 07/13/2016 and 09/03/2020 with Engage Lincoln Lions
    Kayla Saunders

    Kayla @ Moveable Feast is an organization located in the Baltimore region that serves over 3,000 Marylanders packaged meals and grocery donations.

    This was such an amazing experience and if it wasn’t for COVID, I’d go back and do it again. I volunteered an office assistant and kitchen helper. The people I met were filled with such positive energy and I still keep in contact with most to this day!

    Gave 119.75 hours between 06/22/2015 and 08/16/2015