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Upperclassmen Dean

Marsha Vil
Natonia Alford

This was very imformative session recieving information for internships that i can do during the summer that are focused on my major. Also obtaining scholarship for graduate school was very helpful.

Gave 2.00 hours on 10/31/2018 with Engage Lincoln Lions
Natonia Alford

Private user @ boys basketball scrimmage

Gave 4.00 hours on 10/28/2018

Private user @ soccer game

Gave 2.50 hours on 09/29/2018

Private user @ Admission Student Ambassador Program

Gave 60.00 hours between 09/05/2018 and 12/10/2018

Private user @ Event Management

Gave 40.00 hours between 09/02/2018 and 12/11/2018

Private user @ Alumni Relations

Gave 20.00 hours between 08/30/2018 and 12/01/2018