LionSpeak Alumni Speakers Bureau



Alumni of Lincoln University give back by sharing their Lincoln experiences and professional expertise on a wide variety of topics with current students as they prepare for graduation and begin their career journeys!

All alumni who are interested in sharing their expertise with our students are invited to participate.  By volunteering to share your knowledge and experiences, you will be providing valuable information and inspiration to our young Lions. They will learn about real world opportunities from people who got their start at Lincoln and built their personal and professional success upon a Lincoln foundation. Most importantly, you will help students realize the greatness of Lincoln’s Legacy! 

Faculty, staff and student organizations of Lincoln University are encouraged to invite alumni to speak or perform to classes, participate in career workshops, convocations, informal Rabble Café, or interviews, usually for 40 to 90 minutes (depending on format), plus time for Q&A.  To discuss, please call 484.364.1525 | 215.820.1164 | 443.286.9601
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