Serving Inspiring Loving Others (SILO)



Mission Statement:

SILO is a welcoming and diverse group of friends who come together to Serve, Inspire and Love Others in our community. 

Monthly Meal

Every third Saturday of the month, SILO hosts a free meal for the community. Everyone is welcome. Those who could use a friend or a free meal feel right at home at our monthly meals. People come together to share a meal, a conversation or a smile. The beauty of this time is that it brings together people of all ages and from all walks of life. 

Volunteers who help at the monthly meal are likely to help with loading/ unloading supplies at the location of the meal. This includes moving tables, chairs and totes of supplies. Volunteer typically help prepare and cook the food for the meal, decorate the room, facilitate games with kids, set up crafts or activities, visit with our guests and serve the meal. Help cleaning up after the meal is always appreciated.


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