Student Government Association (SGA)


The Lincoln University Student Government Association (SGA), which reports to the Division of Student Success,  is devoted to being student-centered in serving, representing, and advocating for student rights. In addition, the SGA seeks to enhance the cultural, social, and physical welfare of the Lincoln University Student Body through attending to the interests and preserving the integrity of the students whom we serve. As members of the Student Body as well, we also seek to maintain and preserve the academic freedom and academic responsibility of students of The Lincoln University.

Within the Constitution of the Lincoln University Student Government Association (available in Student Handbook) provisions are made to ensure that we serve as a vehicle whereby leadership skills are exercised through practical application in order to reinforce the academic mission of Lincoln University, to regulate student affairs, to advance the general welfare of the student body, and to promote harmony among students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, other Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and all people of African descent.

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