"LionSpeak" Lincoln University Alumni Speakers Bureau


The mission and purpose of "LionSpeak" is to share the historical legacy of Ashmun Institute/ Lincoln University with current students and the contemporary world through stories of alumni, faculty, friends and nearby communities that celebrate the first institution in the modern world founded for people of African descent and that highlight the contributions and successes of its graduates, supporters and friends.

Alumni are invited to join LionSpeak to share your Lincoln story, the story of your personal and professional journey, with Lincoln University students in convocations, classrooms, workshops, seminars, group meetings, interviews, panel discussions or the Rabble Cafe during the school year. These speaking engagements are opportunities to not only give back to our Alma Mater but to uplift and inspire our students to advance the Lincoln legacy. 

For more information and application:  LionSpeak - Alumni Association of Lincoln University
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